Zephalto, a French company, is set to revolutionize the culinary world with Celeste, a luxury dining experience paired with a high-altitude balloon journey. Rather than having a fixed team of chefs, Celeste will showcase a rotating roster of culinary masters who will have the freedom to curate their own menus. The objective is to allow chefs to exercise their creative license and provide a refined and personalized guest experience. As a result, some chefs may choose to serve the meal before the journey takes place, adding an intriguing twist to the overall concept. To ensure safety and technical expertise, Zephalto has collaborated closely with France’s space agency, CNES, and partnered with Airbus, a renowned aviation company. The balloon utilized for Celeste will be powered by helium and will need to meet the stringent European Aviation Safety Agency certifications typically required for commercial aircraft.

Zephalto has already conducted three piloted partial test flights and has plans to conduct a full journey test later this year. The flights will be open to individuals of all ages, and no prior training will be necessary, allowing anyone to embark on this extraordinary gastronomic adventure. Initially, Celeste will take flight from France, but Zephalto has ambitious plans to expand its operations globally. With its rotating lineup of chefs, emphasis on creative freedom, and dedication to safety, Celeste promises an exceptional and refined dining experience. Zephalto’s successful test flights, collaborations with prestigious organizations, and future global aspirations demonstrate its commitment to making Celeste a truly remarkable and accessible adventure for all.