The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) reported more problems between people and wild animals in southern Kenya. Ten lions were killed, six of them in just one day. Loonkiito, one of Africa’s oldest lions, also died recently. He was hungry and went into a place where people keep livestock. The owner of the livestock killed him. The Lion Guardians group said that after a long time without rain, there are more problems between people and lions. There is not enough food for the lions in the wild, so they try to find food near the livestock. The people who own the livestock are now being more careful.

The six lions that were killed on Saturday attacked and killed 11 goats and a dog. The KWS met with locals and government officials to talk about the problem. They discussed ways to make the problem smaller, like using systems to tell people when there are animals nearby. They also talked about how people and animals can live together. It is very important to solve this problem because many lions are being killed.