The World Health Organization (WHO) says it’s not a good idea to use sugar substitutes if you want to lose weight. They looked at many studies and found that these substitutes don’t really help in the long run to reduce body fat. While you might lose a little weight at first, it won’t last. This advice applies to most people, except those with diabetes. The WHO also found that using sugar substitutes for a long time could have some negative effects, like a slightly higher risk of diabetes and heart problems.
Sugar substitutes are often used in packaged foods and drinks. The WHO’s advice is based on a careful look at scientific research and is meant to help governments make better health policies. They suggest that instead of using substitutes, it’s better to cut back on sugary drinks and use natural fruit for sweetness. The International Sweeteners Association disagreed with the WHO’s findings, saying they relied on not-so-strong evidence. But the WHO thinks that more long-term studies are needed. The advice includes both man-made sweeteners and natural ones like stevia and monkfruit.