Calvin Eng, the owner of Bonnie’s restaurant in New York, likes to use monosodium glutamate (MSG) in his food. He believes it makes the flavors better in both Western and Cantonese dishes. Bonnie’s restaurant has become very popular since it opened in 2021. Eng is part of a group of chefs, including David Chang and Eddie Huang, who are trying to show that MSG is not bad and has been used for a long time. MSG is made from plants and adds a savory taste called umami to food.

But in 1968, a doctor said that MSG could cause problems like headaches and other symptoms. Even though many studies have shown that MSG is safe, some people still think they are sensitive to it. However, government organizations say that MSG is safe to eat and can even help reduce the amount of salt we eat. Ajinomoto, the company that makes a lot of MSG, is trying to change people’s opinions about it by teaching them the truth. Chefs like Eng are also talking openly about MSG and using it in their cooking.