The world’s most expensive ice cream, called “byakuya” or “white night” in Japanese, is currently priced at 880,000 yen ($6,380) per serving, according to Guinness World Records. Created by Japanese ice cream brand Cellato, it is considered a gelato considering its Italian influences. The key ingredient is white truffles, sourced exclusively from Alba, Italy, known for its high-quality truffles. The truffles alone can cost up to two million yen ($14,500) per kilogram. The ice cream is also adorned with edible gold leaf, two types of cheese, and a paste derived from sake-making called “Sakekasu.” The development of this extravagant dessert took over 1.5 years and involved extensive experimentation to perfect the taste. Cellato aimed to create a culinary adventure that combines European ingredients with traditional Japanese cuisine. The project was led by Tadayoshi Yamada, the head chef at RiVi, a renowned Osaka-based restaurant known for its French-Japanese fusion dishes.

Cellato sells the white night dessert in Japan and ships it directly to customers. To ensure an optimal experience, Cellato provides detailed instructions on how to consume the treat. Customers are advised to add the white truffle when the ice cream reaches the desired texture and to mix it using a specially crafted metal spoon. If the ice cream is too hard, they can defrost it at room temperature or microwave it briefly. Although the Guinness World Records team has not tasted the dessert, Cellato’s staff described it as rich in taste and texture. They recommended pairing the indulgence with sake or French white wine. Cellato plans to expand its line of extravagantly priced products to include champagne and caviar in the future.