Animals Asia is an organization that helps rescue bears from farms in Vietnam and China. These bears are kept captive and have bile extracted from their bodies, which is a very painful and cruel process. Even though many Asian countries have banned this practice, it continues to be profitable in China. The bears suffer from malnutrition, hair loss, and broken teeth because of the terrible conditions they live in. It’s really difficult to stop this cruel practice because it makes money, and some people still prefer real bear bile over synthetic alternatives.

Traditional Chinese medicine relies on bear bile for treating certain illnesses, even though there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. In Vietnam, there’s a legal loophole that allows farmers to keep bears by claiming they don’t extract bile, although they do. Activists and authorities are working with local communities to encourage them to voluntarily give up their bears. In China, there’s a big market for bear bile products, which are considered legal medicines. It’s still unclear how bear farming affects the consumption of bile from wild bears.