A medical device has helped a man who couldn’t walk for over ten years walk again. The device connects the brain and spinal cord using implants. These implants track the brain’s intentions for movement and send them wirelessly to a unit worn on the outside of the body. The unit then translates the intentions into commands and sends them back to the muscles through another implant. The man can now walk at least 100 meters and stand without help for a few minutes.

What makes this device amazing is that the man can control it himself and start moving without needing any external help. The device reconnects parts of the nervous system that were damaged, allowing for smoother movements and the ability to adapt to different surfaces. The connection created by the implants has been reliable for more than a year, even when Oskam is at home. This successful trial opens up possibilities for helping people with paralysis in their arms or hands, as well as those recovering from strokes. The scientists want to make the device smaller and easier to carry.