The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned a Botox blog on, targeting mothers, for exploiting insecurities and perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes. The ASA, the UK’s advertising regulator, investigated the complaint and found that the blog featured a mother with a child and a rucksack under the heading “Back to school Botox,” suggesting that mothers should prioritize their appearance. The website invited visitors to choose from “medically qualified practitioners” and emphasized Botox as a popular choice, claiming increased bookings in September due to the lockdown’s impact on women’s confidence. The ASA ruled that the ad breached the UK Advertising Code by exploiting insecurities and promoting harmful stereotypes. The ASA’s objective is to ensure responsible advertising practices in the UK.

The ASA deemed the Botox blog “harmful” and “irresponsible,” violating guidelines that prohibit advertising prescription-only treatments to the public. The ad exploited women’s insecurities around aging and perpetuated harmful gender stereotypes. Glowday, in response, claimed the article was based on research data and aimed to provide unbiased information about various aesthetic and skin treatments. The company argued that the ban was ironic considering the proliferation of unregulated injectors promoting their services without accountability. However, critics argue that women, especially mothers, already face immense pressure in various aspects of life, and this advertisement reinforces the notion that they must undergo procedures to value themselves. The message’s persistence is unfortunate, as it adds to the societal pressures women already endure.