Conservationists are working to bring back the endangered Scottish wildcats, offering hope for their survival. The WildGenes laboratory, part of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, is leading the project. Their goal is to breed and release captive-bred Scottish wildcats into carefully chosen areas in the Scottish Highlands. These areas give the wildcats a chance to thrive and form stable populations.

The Scottish wildcats used to be plentiful across the country, but they have suffered from habitat loss, breeding with domestic cats, and diseases, which have led to a significant decrease in their numbers. With fewer than 100 purebred wildcats left in the wild, immediate action is necessary to prevent their extinction. The reintroduction program aims to strengthen the wildcat population by releasing genetically assessed and carefully bred individuals, ensuring they are suited for survival in the wild. The project also involves monitoring their progress and involving local communities in conservation efforts. By raising awareness and engaging with local residents, the project hopes to foster a sense of responsibility and emphasize the importance of protecting the Scottish wildcat and its habitat.