A surprising event happened during a gender reveal party in Navolato, Sinaloa State, Mexico. This incident took place when a small plane, flying over an excited couple, released pink smoke to show the baby’s gender. Positioned beneath an “Oh baby” sign with pink and blue balloons all around, the couple eagerly awaited the reveal. But things went terribly wrong as the plane’s left wing seemed to disconnect from the rest, leaving everyone in shock. Authorities have confirmed the crash, but we don’t know what happened to the pilot yet. Thankfully, no one watching got hurt.

This event in Mexico shows how gender reveal parties have changed. They used to be simple and happy celebrations with cake or fireworks to reveal the baby’s gender. Nowadays, some parents prefer riskier and more extravagant options, which can lead to accidents like the one in Navolato. It’s a reminder that safety is important when celebrating big moments, and sometimes simple things can be more meaningful than fancy ones.