The American Academy of Pediatrics says that special milk for toddlers, made for kids between 6 to 36 months old, may not have all the right nutrients. They suggest babies under 12 months should have breast milk or baby formula, and kids 12 months and up should eat a mix of fruits, veggies, and cow’s milk.

More and more people are buying toddler formula, spending $92 million in 2015. But it can cost more and have less protein but more fat than cow’s milk. Some moms, especially in Black and Hispanic communities, think toddler milk is better than cow’s milk. The AAP says special toddler formulas might not be much better and criticizes how companies sell these products. Even though toddler milk can be important for some kids, most don’t need special milk after one year old. Toddler milks might have more vitamins D and E than regular cow’s milk, but if kids can eat different foods, they do not need special milk. The AAP also worries about added sugars in toddler formulas.