Chef Hisato Hamada, co-founder of Wagyumafia in Tokyo, has hosted celebrities like Jack Dorsey, David Beckham, and Ed Sheeran to his restaurant for Kobe beef cuts. Beckham makes it a tradition to dine there when in Hong Kong or Tokyo, while movie director Guy Ritchie and Russian DJ Zedd also enjoy the experience.

Wagyumafia offers five eateries, including a Chateaubriand sandwich restaurant and a yakiniku restaurant where guests can cook their own beef. Despite reservations, the lively atmosphere and refreshing beverages ensure an unforgettable dining experience. Kobe beef is sourced from exclusive Tajima cattle. This, combined with Hamada’s commitment to quality, has greatly contributed to the success of Wagyumafia. Hamada’s culinary creativity also extended to introducing Kobe beef sandwiches, gaining widespread acclaim through platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He is dedicated to injecting new energy into the industry and exploring innovative culinary approaches. During the pandemic, Hamada shifted his focus towards supporting Japan’s smaller producers and artisans, particularly in the sake industry. Recognizing their challenges during lockdowns, he sought to offer them a platform. This endeavor led to the establishment of Yatchabar, a venue where high-quality ingredients are prepared in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Hamada’s goal is to rekindle the delight of shared meals, emphasizing joy and togetherness in the culinary experience. With an optimistic outlook, he eagerly anticipates spreading this happiness in the post-Covid era.