South Korean composer Jung Jae-il has made a big impact in both movies and music. His music is in famous shows like “Squid Game” and the movie “Parasite.” “Squid Game” became super popular on Netflix in September 2021, with over 142 million people watching it in just four weeks. Jung’s music for the show is special because he uses many different instruments, like children’s and traditional Korean ones, to make a unique and strange soundtrack for the show.

Jung also worked on “Parasite,” a movie that won four Oscars and was the first non-English movie to win Best Picture. In the movie, Jung used baroque music to make the story about rich and poor people more interesting. Outside of movies, Jung made an album called “Listen.” It’s about humans, nature, and the importance of listening. He uses pianos and emotional string instruments to show strong feelings. This makes Jung Jae-il a great composer in the world of art and entertainment.