The FDA might ban certain hair-straightening products like relaxers and pressing agents due to health concerns about substances like formaldehyde. These are used in about half of products for Black women, but only 7% for White women. They could pose a higher cancer risk, especially for Black and Latina women. Representatives Pressley and Brown want an FDA inquiry, but making a ban may be slow.

The FDA is considering a new rule to regulate hair straighteners, which are often used by Black women, due to concerns about potential health risks. A study found that certain straighteners increased the risk of cancer in women. Representatives Pressley and Brown believe the FDA’s rule is beneficial, especially for Black women who may have health issues. Some users, like Rhonda Terrell and Jennifer Mitchell, sued companies for using straighteners that caused their cancer, but companies like L’Oreal maintain their products are safe. The FDA’s new rule is a significant step in addressing these risks.