England has achieved something incredible by qualifying for Euro 2024, a major soccer tournament. They even managed to beat Italy, who were the champions at the time, with a score of 3-1. This victory was a big deal and showed that England is a strong team. The coach, Gareth Southgate, has done a great job guiding the team. They have some talented young players, like Jude Bellingham, who are the future stars of the team. England has played really well in the last 24 years and only lost one game during this time. England’s strong qualification campaign, featuring wins and no losses, instills belief in their potential to become one of the world’s best teams, with players like Kane and Rashford making a significant impact. As they eagerly anticipate Euro 2024, their consistent history and performance make achieving their dream likely. The emergence of young talents like Jude Bellingham is exciting, and their victory over Italy was impressive. Everyone is eagerly awaiting their upcoming matches, as they have a bright future in international soccer.