A valuable assortment of art, furniture, jewelry, ceramics, and silver that once belonged to the famous Rothschild family, known for their banking success, recently sold at Christie’s New York for an astonishing $62.6 million. This remarkable collection, originating from the French branch of the Rothschild family and dating back to the 19th century, had been kept hidden from the public for a long time. It included remarkable artworks, such as a 17th-century painting called “A Young Woman Holding a Hare with a Boy at a Window,” which fetched over $7 million. There was also a Roman Sardonyx cameo portrait of the Roman emperor Claudius from the 1st century AD, which was sold for nearly $116,000. The decision to sell these historic items in New York was made by the members of the French Rothschild family, who aimed to share their rich heritage with the world, marking a change in their approach to their collection.

This rare auction featured the debut of the French Rothschild family’s artwork in North America. It included furniture, ceramics, silver, tapestries, and jewelry, showcasing their opulent taste. Though the reasons for the sale are somewhat mysterious, they may be linked to a desire for collection modernization and generational change. The auction offered a unique chance to own a piece of their storied history, providing insight into the family’s renowned opulence and cultural significance.