Scientists have discovered that some genes in humans originate from Neanderthals, an ancient civilization. These genes make up a small portion of humans’ genetic makeup, with most people having some Neanderthal influence. However, people from East Asia have more, with about 2% in Europe and Asia and 4% in East Asia.

A study reveals that ancient humans migrated from Africa and encountered ancient hominins like Neanderthals in Europe and the Middle East and Denisovans in Asia. These groups exchanged genetic material, resulting in the presence of Neanderthal genes in some Europeans and Asians, constituting about 2% of their genetic makeup. Asians also possess Denisovan genes, reaching up to 6% in certain regions. Recent research shows that people in Africa today have more Neanderthal genes than we thought. This helps us learn more about the first people and where our genes come from.