In the Pacific Ocean, near Japan’s Iwo Jima island, a new island has appeared. This occurred because there was a volcano under the water, and it erupted. Japan’s Meteorological Agency informed about this on November 1. This new island is part of the Ogasawara Island group, which is about 750 miles south of Japan’s mainland and very close to Iwo Jima Island. Scientists are very excited about this event because it allows observation of how land forms as it happens. This aids in learning more about how the planet changes. The island’s creation is a fascinating natural event, and it is all thanks to the materials that emerged from the underwater volcano. Over time, these materials came together and became solid ground in the middle of the ocean. This area has experienced similar events in the past, but this time is unique because magma has emerged for the first time since 1986. The lifespan of this new island is uncertain due to the harsh and unpredictable ocean conditions. Erosion, waves, and tides tend to quickly diminish and bury volcanic islands, making their existence short-lived.