In recent days, Iceland has had to deal with a serious situation: the possibility of a volcanic eruption in the southwest, specifically putting the town of Grindavík at risk. The Icelandic Meteorological Office noticed a lot of earthquakes in the area, suggesting the formation of an underground magma tunnel that could reach Grindavík. Authorities were concerned that these earthquakes might trigger an eruption. The Civil Protection Agency urged calm evacuations, emphasizing preparedness for potential dangers. The US Embassy in Iceland warned of hazards like lava, toxic gases, and smoke. The famous Blue Lagoon was closed due to heightened seismic activity. Iceland, on a tectonic plate boundary, has experienced frequent volcanic eruptions since 2021. Grindavík residents swiftly evacuated due to heightened seismic activity and a potential eruption. The evacuation prioritized essential items during daylight hours. A volcanic ash risk prompted an orange aviation alert, closing the Blue Lagoon resort after a magnitude-4.8 earthquake. Geology professor Pall Einarrson identified a 10-kilometer magma corridor reaching the town and the sea.