In New Zealand, the Pūteketeke, also known as the ‘puking’ bird, won the Bird of the Century title through a public vote with 290,000 votes. This special bird has black and white feathers, a cute parenting style, and a funny habit of “puking.” Comedian John Oliver supported it, drawing attention to the challenges faced by New Zealand’s native birds. The competition, started in 2005, aims to help these birds facing problems like losing their homes. Thanks to John Oliver, the online voting system crashed, showing the need to support endangered species like the Pūteketeke, which is making a comeback. Despite almost disappearing in the 19th century, this water bird is still at risk, stressing the importance of conservation.

John Oliver’s campaign for the Pūteketeke faced challenges, like exploiting a voting loophole and causing delays. The centennial event had controversies, but Oliver’s clever tactics, including billboards and a bird costume, highlighted New Zealand’s bird conservation. The Pūteketeke’s win, with 350,000 votes, showed Oliver’s successful efforts and the importance of raising awareness for endangered species, even with competition controversies.