Nepal recently decided to ban TikTok, a widely-used application, due to worries about its impact on families and society. This decision is similar to actions taken by other countries, like India, all concerned about TikTok’s effects.

Rekha Sharma, Nepal’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology, mentioned TikTok’s problematic content as the reason for the ban. This move reflects global concerns about TikTok sharing data, despite ByteDance denying these claims. Nepalese authorities fear an increase in cybercrimes due to TikTok and seek stricter rules for the app. Nepal follows a global trend where countries like the United States and India also restrict TikTok, citing concerns about national security. Although each country takes different steps, they all worry that TikTok might disrupt relationships, especially among young users, and pose online safety risks. This raises discussions about balancing free speech with societal safety through appropriate regulations.