A strong earthquake struck Moulay Brahim, a village in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, on a Friday night. This earthquake is the strongest in Morocco in a hundred years. It has caused more than 2,000 deaths, and many people are still missing, possibly trapped under collapsed buildings. Moulay Brahim, once a lovely village, is now mostly destroyed, and 25 deaths have been confirmed. Sami Sensis, whose family often visits this peaceful place, cannot properly say goodbye to his parents because their hotel partially collapsed during the earthquake, and he is waiting for news. The site is dangerous, so the local fire brigade had to leave.

Rescue teams are facing difficulties because the roads are blocked by big rocks, making it hard to reach distant places. Local people are helping each other and sharing what they can. For example, Leila Idabdelah bakes flatbread to support others. Foreign countries are also assisting, and the Moroccan Interior Ministry is thankful for their help. However, time is running out for the people of Moulay Brahim, and with each passing hour, the chance of reuniting with their loved ones becomes smaller.