In the busy heart of Tokyo’s newest big area, below the tallest building, a team of builders and digital artists is quickly making an amazing museum. The team is called teamLab, and they previously made a museum with a lot of visitors. Now, they’re creating a new one in central Tokyo, set to open in February. The new museum is part of the Azabudai Hills complex. The company Mori Building is helping with this, and they want to mix culture with their buildings. The museum, called teamLab’s Borderless Museum, is a special place where digital art pieces mix together. It was closed last year for changes.The teamLab is also making new things for the museum, like a projection of blooming flowers and a room with twinkling lights. The Mori JP Tower, a very tall building, is part of this too. It is surrounded by shops, houses, medical places, and a school. The founder of teamLab, Toshiyuki Inoko, wants people to have a special experience in the museum, where digital art shows the beauty of things flowing together.