Recent research suggests that turmeric, a common spice, may help with indigestion. In a study of over 150 individuals with indigestion, turmeric was compared to a common medication called omeprazole.

Surprisingly, both turmeric and omeprazole showed similar effectiveness in relieving symptoms. Dr. Krit Pongpirul, the lead researcher, believes turmeric could be a viable option for indigestion treatment, similar to omeprazole. In Southeast Asia, turmeric has a long history of use for stomach issues. This study is the first to directly compare turmeric and omeprazole for indigestion. However, some uncertainties remain. Dr. Yuying Luo, another expert, advises caution due to the different measurement methods used. It’s recommended to monitor symptoms more frequently. Before making any changes to one’s diet or medication, consult a doctor. Some cases suggest a potential link between curcumin, a component of turmeric, and liver issues. So, it’s crucial to ensure turmeric won’t interact negatively with other medications. It may take time to see how well this remedy works.