Shizuoka Distillery, found in Japan, is known for making whisky independently, using cedar from nearby forests to meet the global demand for good drinks. Japan celebrates a hundred years of making whisky since Suntory’s first distillery in 1923. Japan has over 100 distilleries trying to make their own identity in the growing market. Shizuoka stands out by using a special fire with cedar for its whisky-making process.

Even though they are smaller compared to big companies like Suntory, these new distilleries dream of making a mark worldwide. Taiko Nakamura, who started Shizuoka Distillery in 2016, got inspired in Scotland. Seeing a small distillery succeed globally in the whisky market motivated him to make whisky beloved worldwide. Craft whisky in Japan grew fast but then slowed by 2015. The demand grew faster than what was available, making prices rise. Big companies like Suntory and Nikka expanded to keep up with quality. Yet, worries came up about the whisky’s quality, risking Japan’s great reputation. Nakamura from Shizuoka says it’s important to keep the legacy of amazing Japanese whisky, insisting on making great Japanese spirits.