Japan is facing a big problem right now. More than 10% of its people are 80 years old or older. This is because not many babies are being born, and people are living longer. This is a big issue for Japan. The government has shared data that shows 29.1% of the population is 65 years old or older. This is a very high number compared to other countries. The government needs to take care of older people by giving them money for when they retire and by providing healthcare. But because more people are dying than being born, it’s hard to do this. People in Japan live a long time, which makes this problem even bigger.

 Japan is urging older citizens and stay-at-home moms to work, with 9.12 million elderly employees, or over 13% of workers. Prime Minister Kishida emphasizes helping families with children, as Japan faces similar challenges as neighboring countries like China, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan in balancing care for the elderly and encouraging more births.