Eating a Mediterranean diet while pregnant can help children’s brains and emotions grow better, according to a recent study. Dr. Francesca Crovetto, a researcher in Spain, thinks it’s important for moms to have a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy for their baby’s brain. Dr. Miguel Martínez-González, a professor in Spain, says the Mediterranean diet is really good for health and can prevent diabetes, dementia, and sadness.

Also, kids whose moms took classes to reduce stress during pregnancy felt happier and got along better with others when they were toddlers. Dr. David Katz, a health expert, says that when moms are stressed, it can affect the baby’s body, hormones, and feelings. The study looked at kids born to 1,221 moms who were at higher risk during their pregnancy. The study happened from February 2017 to March 2020. They wanted to make sure babies were a good weight when they were born, so they wouldn’t get sick. The study showed that the Mediterranean diet and stress-reduction classes really helped the babies and moms, which is important for doctors to know when helping pregnant women.