In November, Indonesia introduced a plan to invest $20 billion. Big lenders, like the United States and Japan, are supporting this plan. The goal is to quickly lower the gases harming the Earth in the country’s power areas. They need to spend money fast for this plan.

Indonesia is part of the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP). They want to reduce carbon dioxide to 250 million metric tons by 2030. Before, they thought it would be 350 million. They made a plan called the Comprehensive Investment and Policy Plan (CIPP). It got released after people checked it. This plan shows how Indonesia aims to increase renewable energy to 44% by 2030, a lot more than the 12% in 2022. Erick Thohir, in charge of investments, wants stronger teamwork for important projects and money promises. They want to use $97.3 billion, with $66.9 billion for 400 projects by 2030. Some are concerned about borrowing money from companies and discuss loan rates and potential outcomes. Indonesia’s JETP is a major plan, nearly as large as Vietnam’s $15 billion program.