A rising number of Asian wealth managers are starting to do business in Dubai because China and the Middle East are getting along better. More clients are interested in spreading their investments, and Dubai is now the top choice for business-minded people and rich families from Asia, especially China. This is because Dubai has good rules and chances to grow businesses. Noah Holdings, a major Chinese wealth manager with $23 billion in client assets, plans to obtain a business license in Dubai by year-end. This move supports Chinese entrepreneurs in the Middle East and aligns with clients’ wealth growth. The Middle East’s growing significance, post-COVID recovery, fair politics, business-friendly environment, and tax-free status attract wealthy individuals. Previously, Hong Kong and Singapore were preferred, but now people look at new places. Even though there were fewer rich people globally in 2022, the Middle East had more of them by 2.8%. Companies like Farro Capital and Tsang Group are opening offices in Dubai to benefit from its growing wealth and investments. This is because of the area’s political situation and Dubai’s good offers, like the ‘golden visa’ system.