SpaceX’s Starship, a spacecraft made for trips to the moon and further destinations, had trouble during its recent test in November. The rocket took off from Texas’s Starbase and went about 90 miles high. But, after the Super Heavy first-stage part separated, it exploded over the Gulf of Mexico. Engineers think a command might have caused this damage because they lost contact with the rocket.

The aim was to launch Starship into space, but an explosion halted the mission shortly after liftoff. This incident followed a similar one in April. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the rocket’s loss without any injuries or property damage. SpaceX and the FAA are checking everything closely to prevent these problems in the future. Even with these issues, SpaceX keeps testing fast and making better models. Carissa Christensen saw good parts in the test, showing how rocket building always gets better. Starship’s abilities match NASA’s plans for moon and Mars missions. Elon Musk thinks Starship will be essential for NASA’s goals in human space travel. Despite rules and limited time, SpaceX stays committed to making space exploration better through tests and new technology.