A recent study discovered that when someone is diagnosed with dementia or cognitive decline, they might feel like their life doesn’t have as much meaning. Dr. Angelina Sutin, who led the study, says that feeling like your life has a purpose is very important for feeling good overall. Other research has said that people who feel like their life has meaning are less likely to have problems like Alzheimer’s. This study wanted to find out if having memory or thinking problems makes it harder to feel like your life has meaning.

They studied over 30,000 people in two large studies from 2006 to 2021. The results revealed that after learning about memory or thinking problems, people felt even more like their lives had less meaning. This highlights the importance of individuals with these issues still feeling valued. If they start to believe that their life doesn’t matter, it can make them feel even worse. Caregivers play a significant role in helping them maintain a sense of importance and independence. This study emphasizes the necessity of providing tailored care that acknowledges and respects each person, regardless of memory problems.