Starting in 2024, Singapore’s Changi Airport, renowned as one of the world’s best, is planning a significant change. They aim to use special technology to allow people to leave the city without using physical passports. Instead, travelers will only need to use their biometric data, such as their fingerprints or face scans. This is an exciting development. While the airport already uses face recognition in some lanes, this will make the process even easier. People will not have to repeatedly display their travel documents.

This new system utilizes special technology to make the whole process smoother. It means you won’t need physical passes or passports for most things, from dropping off your bags to getting on the plane. However, people still need passports if they are traveling to countries that do not use this special system. Changi Airport is really big and connects to many cities around the world. In June, it helped over 5 million people travel. It’s even growing with a new terminal to handle even more travelers. They want to make sure the immigration process is fast and safe for everyone.