Japan is facing its first case of serious bird flu, known as H5-type, this season. This concerning situation came to light on November 25, 2023, as reported by NHK. The bird flu originated from a farm in the southern part of the country, specifically in Saga prefecture. The authorities are taking action by planning to cull around 40,000 birds from the affected farm to stop the virus from spreading. The Agriculture Ministry officials shared this information, but they were not available for comments after regular business hours. To address this issue, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will have a meeting with cabinet ministers to create effective measures against the virus.

NHK reported that genetic testing on November 24, 2023, identified the virus, showcasing Japan’s rigorous surveillance. Facing the global bird flu challenge, Japan not only culls affected birds but also engages in crucial discussions to prevent further spread. This aligns with international efforts to protect both poultry and public health from the contagious virus.