Japan is getting ready for an important mission to the moon, led by JAXA, the space agency. This mission, known as “Moon Sniper,” is set to take place soon and aims to make Japan a key player in lunar exploration. The goal is to land a spacecraft very precisely, within just 100 meters of the target. The mission focuses on exploring water on the moon and checking if people could live there. Japan is working closely with the United States as part of a strategy to keep up with China in space exploration. JAXA also hopes to send a Japanese astronaut to the moon through NASA’s Artemis program. Japan’s advanced technology is on display with the ongoing Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) probe mission, which could make Japan the fifth country to land on the moon. The SLIM probe’s short 20-minute landing could show off Japan’s advanced technology and make it a significant player in lunar exploration. Despite its smaller size, Japan’s expertise in making lightweight probes could lead to more affordable lunar missions globally. Collaboration with industry leaders like Sony and Tomy, along with support from Japanese academics, is helping advance space exploration.