Tesla’s new design for the Cybertruck has caught the attention of experts due to its strong stainless-steel structure and sharp edges. Safety professionals, after watching Tesla’s crash test videos, shared worries about possible dangers for people walking, cycling, or driving near this vehicle. Despite high social media views, experts emphasize the necessity for more detailed crash test data to determine its safety conclusively.

Adrian Lund, who used to lead the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, talked about the Cybertruck’s tough exterior. He worried it might cause more harm during accidents, raising concerns about more injuries. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, said the truck is very safe for both people inside and outside. However, Tesla has not responded to the safety concerns experts have raised. The Cybertruck’s unique look, with its flat surfaces and stainless-steel body like the famous DeLorean from “Back to the Future,” has interested many fans. But safety experts are still not sure about its safety features. They think it might not protect people well in accidents, especially those outside the vehicle. They also think it might face challenges meeting European safety standards because of its design. In the U.S., regulators trust carmakers to test and say their own vehicles are safe. But there are ongoing worries about how safe the Cybertruck is and what might happen if it crashes. Experts are asking for more tests before people start using it widely.