China is facing a big problem with houses. Some big builders have money problems, so many homes are not finished. China wants to help everyone have a home. They plan to make new rules in 2024 to fix this.

China has lots of people who own homes, especially in cities and the countryside. But many people move around a lot. About 300 million workers live far from their hometowns. More than half of them rent homes and earn little money each month. Houses cost more in cities, making it hard for people to buy them, especially young ones. This makes some people worry about the future. The government wants to make houses cheaper. Big builders cannot pay what they owe, so about 20 million homes are not finished. Local governments usually get money from selling land. Now they can buy these unfinished homes for less money. Even though the government wants to help, it is not easy. Banks have problems, and the government does more in housing. Still, their aim to create an ideal society, as envisioned by President Xi Jinping, remains their main goal, despite the risks.