Australia’s northeast is facing difficulties and problems after Tropical Cyclone Jasper hit recently. This area, famous for the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, is now in an emergency state because of the unusually heavy rain. Jasper, once a strong cyclone, is now less severe but has brought a lot of rain to Queensland. This led to urgent evacuations and exciting rescues from rooftops. The ongoing heavy rain is making it hard for rescuers to help people in remote places, showing how vulnerable these communities are.

In Ingham, floodwaters revealed a surprising 9-foot crocodile. Cairns faced 40 hours of heavy rain, causing three times the usual December rainfall, leading to flight cancellations and flooded runways. Ongoing efforts to pump out water at the airport show the struggle to manage excess water. Residents, like Dan in northern Cairns, sought safety on kitchen benches. With Cyclone Jasper persisting, forecasts predict more rain, increased flood risks, and power outages for over 14,000 properties. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese assures that defense forces are ready for rescues and relief efforts, addressing immediate challenges and Australia’s broader climate issue with the El Nino weather phenomenon.