In Italy, food is a big deal and is very important to the country’s identity. A big argument has started about how to make carbonara pasta sauce. This disagreement has caused a lot of debate among experts and regular people.

Luca Cesari, a respected food expert from Bologna, faced criticism online for sharing an original carbonara recipe on Instagram that differed from the traditional one. Instead of using Italian pecorino cheese and cured pork cheek, Cesari used Swiss gruyere cheese, garlic, bacon, and scrambled eggs. He aimed to show how the recipe has changed over nearly 70 years, referencing the 1954 carbonara recipe from ‘Cucina Italiana’ magazine. Despite criticism labeled “gastronationalism,” Cesari, supported by historian Alberto Grandi, plans to create more cooking videos exploring controversial food changes, including a Neapolitan pizza with clams from the 1800s.