In Brazil, insufficient rainfall poses a challenge for farmers purchasing fertilizer to plant corn. This delay affects fertilizer companies globally, worrying top executives from companies such as Nutrien, Mosaic, and Yara. They fear that the delay in Brazil’s soybean harvest might impact fertilizer sales. Additionally, this delay might lead farmers to plant corn later than usual due to the crop’s heavy fertilizer needs.

Brazil’s dry weather, linked to El Niño, makes farming uncertain and impacts fertilizer companies. After the Russia-Ukraine war, crop and fertilizer prices dropped. If Brazilian farmers delay planting corn, they might use less fertilizer. Mosaic predicts a 4% drop in Brazil’s corn harvest, reducing 500,000 tons of fertilizer valued at $160 million. By December, Brazilian farmers had bought only 60% of their usual fertilizer. This may lead to a 75% decrease in Brazil’s corn production, affecting global prices and making American farmers rethink fertilizer purchases, despite plans to use less for growing soybeans.