The EU made a new rule called the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), starting at the end of 2024. It worries the coffee industry. People in the EU are changing what they buy, not buying from small farmers in Ethiopia. The rule stops goods linked to deforestation, which causes climate change. This change might harm small farmers and make coffee more expensive for people in the EU. It might not protect forests as planned.

Dallmayr and other companies worry about buying Ethiopian coffee due to a new law. This rule demands proof that items like coffee, cocoa, and soy are not from deforested areas, which is tough to track where internet access and land ownership are complex. Despite the EU’s goal to aid producing nations and small farmers, doubts persist about the law’s practicality. Ivory Coast and Ghana might struggle due to the law affecting protected forests, potentially shifting goods, altering supply chains, and raising EU food prices. Overall, the EUDR’s impact is complex, affecting economies, the environment, and society. This brings challenges for small farmers and importers while tackling deforestation linked to global trade.