The famous K-pop group BTS is facing a big change as four of its members start their mandatory military service in South Korea. This comes after three other bandmates already joined earlier. Their loyal fans are determined to wait until 2025 for the group to get back together.

Despite the rainy weather, a group of fans gathered on Monday to say goodbye for now to the band’s leader, RM, and singer V, sharing kind messages and good wishes at their training camp in Nonsan. On Weverse, V expressed thanks and longing, mentioning the difficulty of not making happy memories together for some time. RM also talked about feeling lonely sometimes during the 18 months ahead but seeing it as a chance for personal growth. Jimin and Jung Kook have already started their military service, along with RM and V, who are doing their duties. According to Yonhap news agency, three other members got a day off from their military duties. In South Korea, it is necessary for all healthy men aged 18–28 to serve in the military for about two years to protect against possible threats, particularly from North Korea. BTS has a passionate global fan base known as ARMY, and they have actively supported social causes. In 2020, ARMY fans raised $1 million for the Black Lives Matter movement in just 25 hours. Some dedicated fans gathered in a Tokyo area called Korea Town, showing strong support and commitment to wait for the band’s return.