Near Liverpool, Woodchurch High School launched a farm 13 years ago to introduce city students to farm life. The farm taught about farming jobs and encouraged appreciation for nature. Former students near Liverpool, now dairy farmers and veterinarians, credit the farm for influencing their career choices.

The farm is a safe place for students in an area with money problems. It is tough for people to move to better jobs in the UK. This farm helps students learn about different jobs and people outside their town. Headteacher Rebekah Phillips thinks it is important for young people to show what they can do and grow emotionally. Students at the farm display their skills by looking after various animals like sheep, alpacas, goats, pigs, and chickens. Managed by Linda Hackett, the farm receives support from farming communities. Sophie Tedesco, a past student now working as a dairy farmer, appreciates the school’s farming lessons. Despite acclaim for saving a rare sheep, school evaluations fail to see its importance, as mentioned by Headteacher Phillips. She proudly stated the farm’s excellence, except for a sheep incident that caught everyone’s attention.