Renowned British designer Anabela Chan has changed how luxury jewelry is made. Instead of using natural diamonds, she prefers lab-made gems and recycled materials. Her reason for this choice is because she worries about the tough conditions in diamond mines.

Chan’s jewelry mostly features lab-made diamonds, recycled aluminum from cans, and pearls collected in a sustainable way. Even though she has not shared exact sales numbers, her jewelry has been in high demand since the COVID-19 pandemic started. She received an award called the “Game Changer” at the British Luxury Awards in November. The market for lab-made jewelry has grown a lot. It has increased by 20% every year, making a huge $15 billion profit around the world, according to Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data. Many brands are joining the lab-made diamond market, offering cheaper prices and innovative designs. Major retailers like Pandora, known for lab-made diamonds, recognize the gems’ potential for unique jewelry. Chan works with eco-conscious suppliers using technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions in diamond-making, aiming to turn a negative environmental impact into a positive one.