In recent news, scientists shared a crucial update about the endangered noble pen shells. These clams suffered a severe illness in 2016, causing a significant decline in their numbers. Initially, only about 10 clams survived in the Adriatic Sea near Croatia. Surprisingly, in 2022, experts discovered an additional 20 clams near the Istria peninsula’s north shore.

Sandro Dujmovic, who works with an organization called Natura Histrica that cares for protected places in Istria, was amazed. He said it was unbelievable that these clams survived. In 2023, scientists collected around 100 young noble pen shells and took them to an aquarium. The clams’ ability to reproduce and clean water is vital for the sea. They are kept safe at the Pula aquarium, away from harmful bugs. Biologist Nikolina Premate stressed their need for a clean environment before returning to the sea. Croatia’s government is funding more research to understand why these clams are returning. Dujmovic mentioned that various groups on the Adriatic coast are collaborating to keep an eye on and protect these clams.