In a recent study revealed on January 12, a pair of mysterious “alien mummies” found at Peru’s main airport in October last year have been identified as coming from Earth. At a meeting in Lima, experts described the small figures as humanoid dolls, likely made from both human and animal parts. They also looked at a separate three-fingered hand, believed to be from Peru’s Nazca region, and determined that it was not connected to aliens. Flavio Estrada, an archaeologist with Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, dismissed the idea and explained that the figures are not from outer space. Instead, they are dolls made from animal bones found on Earth, put together with modern synthetic glue.

The two doll-like figures, resembling Andean mummies, were discovered in a box at Lima airport’s DHL offices. Despite early speculations about alien origins, experts emphasized that the entire story was fabricated. In September, small mummified bodies were shown at a Mexican hearing. Yet, experts questioned Jaime Maussan’s claim that they were ancient and from Peru. They later said the bodies were probably fake, maybe made by combining old human mummies with animal parts, but not from space. In a recent Lima conference organized by Peru’s culture ministry, experts verified that the dolls in the DHL office were not linked to the Mexican bodies. They repeated that the remains in Mexico were also not alien.