Benito, the magnificent giraffe, who became a beloved figure in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, has embarked on a journey to his new residence at Africam Safari in Puebla. This decision resulted from concerns raised by dedicated activists of the Save Benito movement, who argued that the conditions at Central Park in Ciudad Juarez were not suitable for such a majestic creature. Since May, Benito has endured the arid climate of Ciudad Juarez, facing scorching summers and chilly winters, with temperatures expected to drop to 9°C (48°F) on the day of his departure.

The meticulous relocation process involved delicately lifting Benito with a crane, placing him into a large box, and transporting him on a truck for a 50-hour road journey to Africa Safari. This careful operation, executed late on Sunday, marked the beginning of an odyssey closely monitored by vigilant veterinarians. Africam Safari, located approximately 150 km southeast of Mexico City, provides not only more favorable weather conditions but also the companionship of seven other giraffes for Benito. This relocation is a triumph for the Save Benito movement, emphasizing the commitment to prioritize the well-being and appropriate living conditions for animals in captivity, echoing the collective voice of those advocating for Benito’s betterment.