In the last part of the past year, there was a big decrease in the number of study permits given to Indian students in Canada. This happened because India and Canada had a disagreement, and as a result, Canadian diplomats who handled these permits were removed. Also, not as many Indian students applied for study permits because of tensions related to a sad event with a Sikh separatist leader in Canada, which was said to involve people linked to the Indian government. Because of these problems, two-thirds of Canadian staff were taken out of India, affecting how Indian student applications were processed. The strained relationship resulted in an 86% drop in Indian study permits last year, from 108,940 to 14,910, based on unreported data. Counselor C. Gurusubramanian mentioned Indian students exploring alternatives due to diplomatic challenges. This is important as Indians make up over 41% of international students in Canada in 2022, impacting universities. Minister Marc Miller stressed the need to reduce student numbers, announcing measures, including a potential cap, to address these challenges.