A lot of new companies are starting to make meat alternatives that taste and feel like real meat but do not involve raising or killing animals. They are doing this using science to solve problems with how regular meat is made because more and more people want protein without hurting the environment. Places like Israel, California, and Singapore are leading this effort. Even though lots of people like eating meat, more and more people are starting to think they need better ways to get it without hurting the environment. Some new companies are making meat in labs instead of raising animals. Big meat companies are teaming up with scientists who make lab-grown meat to get money and build places to make it. But it is really expensive, and it is hard to make lab meat taste and feel like regular meat. Rules also make it hard to sell lab meat in some places. Some people think lab meat is cool, but others are not sure, especially in areas where people love eating regular meat. Even in families, some like regular meat better, even if they worry about animals.