Marriott International, along with other groups and volunteers, organized a big cleaning event in North Bali’s Baturiti area on March 15th. More than 110 volunteers worked together to remove a huge amount of plastic trash, totaling 8 tons! This cleanup made a big difference in keeping Beratan Lake clean and safe. Martin Ehlers, manager of Renaissance Bali Uluwatu and leader of Marriott Business Council Indonesia, highlights Marriott’s dedication to eco-friendly community support. Collaborating with Sungai Watch, they contribute to environmental protection through projects like waste sorting facilities and river barrier installations. Sam Bencheghib, co-founder of Sungai Watch, praised the collaborative effort in cleaning up rivers, highlighting how teamwork effectively addresses environmental challenges. Marriott Business Council Indonesia has committed to continuing support for Sungai Watch, focusing on improving its infrastructure and fundraising initiatives. Given Bali’s pressing plastic waste crisis, urgent action is essential to protect its natural beauty. Initiatives like these not only promote eco-friendly practices but also inspire hope for a greener future, ensuring that Bali’s landscapes remain preserved for generations to come.