Barbie, the famous plastic doll, marked her 65th anniversary with great enthusiasm, displaying a wide variety of different dolls. Ruth Handler created Barbie in 1959, drawing inspiration from her daughter Barbara. Since then, Barbie has changed a lot. Initially, Barbie represented only one idea of beauty. But now, Barbie stands for acceptance and diversity. Barbie dolls come in many skin tones, hairstyles, and body shapes.

Today, Barbie offers a huge selection. There are 35 skin tones, 97 hairstyles, and nine body types. Mattel, the company that makes Barbie, introduced dolls with disabilities like wheelchairs, Down Syndrome, and vitiligo. This change shows that Barbie is moving away from its past and wants to include everyone. Although some people worry about Barbie’s influence on how people see themselves, Mattel listens to feedback from different communities. The success of the “Barbie” movie in 2023, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, made Barbie even more popular. With designer Carlyle Nuera, Barbie keeps changing to appeal to everyone. As Barbie enters her 66th year, her journey of acceptance and diversity will continue to inspire people.